Saturday, 11 June 2016

Different Strokes

For Different Folks 

Eric Bridges embracing one of my custom timber paipo's for prone and knee riding

Brendan Dunn
Pure Wooden Paipo


Sharing a few waves with Eric, with us both riding timber paipos. The board pictured above and below is 4'6" in length and around 20'' width , hand crafted from Paulownia timber with plenty of concave running up from the tail towards the center of the board , the rails are finely foiled all the way round and plenty on nose lift planed into the first 12'' , strictly a board for riding prone but I have tried kneeling as well with some fun rides. 

Paipo Fun from adam williams on Vimeo.


Pictured above, this was the first paipo I made Eric , with it being around 5 ' in length by 20'' in width, I left plenty of thickness and squarer rails, added a rubber pad for extra flotation. This one is for kneeling but also fun riding prone , such a buzz drifting & sliding when on your knees, very similar feeling to riding my softech but without the fins to control the ride.

Surf Mats

Close Cousin to the Paipo


Mats are more suited for that fuller or 3/4 face type wave face, where as paipos really excel in fast , steep and hollow down the line wave. Riding mats requires the rider to adjust & manipulate the mat, by keeping his hands back from the nose, your basically keeping the bulk of your air forward to plane on, then with the aid of your legs and flippers to control the direction or drift that you want, its all body torque in technique and air manipulation with mat riding, where as riding paipos with little to no flex, is more about hanging on tight and pulling in.

Mat riding below with Paul Newman on a Sunny Sunday afternoon

EMBRYONIC JOURNEY from adam williams on Vimeo.

Knee Boarding

I love riding this little Pete Berry board, super fast and loose.
Reverse Curve at its best.

Chicko Roll

Hand Planing the other day with Paul riding his timber paipo

chicko roll from adam williams on Vimeo.

Cuddy slides from Bulkheads Stuff on Vimeo.

The Whole Platter 

from a couple of years ago.


  1. KW the new designs look great! a couple of the boys from the cove have gotten shaped foam paipos ...kinda thick but they are fast.
    when are the KW shirts coming out!!

    1. Paulownia timber is such a light timber to work with, very easy to shape and foil, easy to surf and cuts the water light a hot knife, the foamys are fun but have a bit more flex and give a different ride again, there all good! New shirts coming soon as I recover from the holiday spending , like to do King Waka and No Knee-Bah Surfing design.