Monday, 30 May 2016

Moon Beams

Under Moon Light

Well, this was a first for me, walking out to Wrecky at 5 am in the morning, getting changed into our wet-suits under moonlight, and then walking out into the dark waters with just my trusty duck feet flippers and Ecto handplane as my only weapons. At 54 years , my eye site is not exactly the greatest but I could still make out the peak coming towards me , taking off blind and pulling into moon lit barrels is quite a different experience ! Lucky for me,  Chris from Ecto Handplanes joined me in the water first up, so at least I was not alone in the water, while Justin, who's eye site must be worst than mine, waited till the sun had finally risen and pushed some daylight onto the line up before entering the water, so good surfing with these younger frothers !

Ecto Handplanes

5 am and Chris and Justin are not here, quick phone call to confirm that they were not too far away. I packed a board as well, hoping the swell had held from the previous day.

On the beach by 5.15, another good 45 minutes before the Sun would rise

Moon Rise

Well my forecast of bugger all crowds was soon proved false, as soon as the sun rose so did a handful of surfers arrived to join us, so I jumped out to grab the camera and shot a few pics of Justin and Chris doing there spins, rolls and tube riding

pick the body surfers?

Justin  '' El Rollo ''  take off !

Chris Anderson owner and designer of the Ecto Hand Planes

Chris is his number one test pilot with plenty off froth to share around!

Master   ''Skidder and El Rollo  ''

Tube Sequence

Karate Chop

Life's a Beach

The Previous Day


I would give it a 7/10 on my scale, with not a bad local crowd to share with , Happy Sunday!!

I filmed this little clip before joining the fun in the water.

There was a few heads in the water that morning

Tube sequence

Have a Nice Day

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