Wednesday, 30 May 2012


A few frame grabs and video from the other day, all shot with the GoPro Hero2

Surfing my paipo the other day

Monday, 21 May 2012

Squiz Stix - Wave Sleds

Paipo’s, Surf Mats and Kneeboards


After calling into my mates surf shop in Nowra, the CORE surf store, I got talking to him about harddartz and other finless craft, which he replied by pointing over to the back wall…..and said ‘ have you seen these hand crafted timber Alaia’s by Pete Harrington?"’


That’s when the little Paipo caught my attention!
4’ 5” x 15'” , full concave and rocker leading into a full bottom channel and flyers, very similar to my Harddartz, but as thin as a biscuit and bugger all flotation to boot!
I have to ride this!!

Wairo Beach
Saturday Morning


Better still, when he suggested that I take it for a surf and give some feed back….I was out of the shop quick smart with this little board under my arm and heading out to Wrecky to give it a test on the reef.





Wrecky carpark




So with nobody out and it being  a small east swell, it was good conditions to take it for a its maiden voyage…and also test out my new Go Pro 2 camera.First thing I noticed was the lack of floatation….no biggie, I started surfing over 30 years ago on mats, then progressed to a plastic ‘belly bogger’ which is like a small spoon, and it has no floatation as well….so all the old memories of my teens came rushing back as I hit the water and started to kick away madly!



A sunny Friday afternoon’s surf with Paul.



I was soon joined by Paul , on his kneeboard and two other footboarders, but there was plenty of small waves to share round and I was impressed how the little paipo held its line on the face….and talk about speed!
Had a great first surf on it and was keen to hit a nice beach break the following morning!

Wairo Beach





Stoked, there was still some swell left to have a play, so we hit the beach with my toys under both arms and Paul with his kneeboard.


and this is where your fitness comes into play…its one thing to kick around a reef where the wave breaks in the one spot, where as on a beach break you do a lot more kicking….and kicking , unlike surfing a mat where at least you get to paddle and give your back a rest……but I love the feel of speed and flex, a little pocket rocket which holds it line with ease, two different craft to ride indeed!



Below some video from Saturday morning…..Down the Road
Go Pro2 footage

some additional footage from Paul’s camera….HA

After riding these , cannot wait to give the new finless kneeboard model from Harddartz ‘the Message Stick’ a run for its money!!

Big thanks to Mick at the Core Store in Nowra for the lend!
contact  44214108