Saturday, 27 August 2011

Onboard Surf Mechanics

Onboard Surf Mechanics

It started with a call last year from my cuz Fletch who lives down in Margaret River WA and he was frothing about being involved in some new surf board design and needed some help ....thats how I first met Wizz and his ideas on surf mechanics and design. 12 months  and alot phone calls later I proudly own and is testing the 'bean' their first kneeboard proto type produced and with some more testing and refinement , one of many more kneedartz to be made.

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Friday, 5 August 2011

The Grass is Always Greener....

Its funny how we go looking for those perfect waves overseas when most likely they are still in your own backyard.....the old saying of  'the grass is greener on the other side of the fence' can be true , but if you look hard enough, there is plenty to of good local turf to 'munch on' and just down the road to boot!
I had the pleasure to enjoy some very uncrowded surf last year with just a handful of local friends, which ranged from about 5 guys max and when I left there was just 2 in the water and this was all before morning tea.

I had to attend a funeral this morning and so didn't have alot of time up my sleeve, so when I arrived at the village lookout and saw just 3 guys out...I was out there and good friend and fellow kneelo Brenden, joined me as well.
The beach was littered with mutton bird carcases which is the standard for this time of year. The poor buggers fly the round trip around the world , then crash and burn where ever they run out of steam...kinda of eerie seeing all those dead birds on the beach

After pulling into a few barrel's and my Go Pro battery died in my camera, so I slid in to record some pics before I had to leave and old mate Clayton rocked up frothing at mouth and could not believe there was just a couple of guys out and cranking.

Brenden pictured below hooking one off the top

Left or Right ?

It was breaking so clean and perfect down the line, with no yacht's and a dozen surfers ready to attack the line up!

Enjoy the ride!

Below is a few pics from the mornings session

Bonus music video below

Slap My Elbow by S.MOUSE! from the Angry Boys TV series .
Chris Liley at his best again