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first review from

A new limited edition Series V Krypt MT5 arrived today. I am hoping to get a ride on it tomorrow, but in the meantime, here is preliminary report.
It is the most significant change in the Krypt evolution to date.
You will see it is a significantly smaller mat than the standard MT5 in the comparison images.
The length is effectively the same but it is much thinner from deck to bottom with far smaller nose and rear profiles.
There is a visible difference in the height of the beams resulting in deep channels between the sections of the mat.The concave looks about the same but the outer sections are definitely a bit smaller.
The other main change is the way in which the deck material is manufactured. This has resulted in more of the weave of the cloth showing through giving the deck a canvas like look that feels to me like it is actually going to have more grip. So much so, that I was going to whack a bit of Sikaflex grip on but have now decided not to do so. I always wear a neoprene chest wetsuit or vest so I reckon I might get a way without it maybe only needing a little wax at the hips. The other thing is that it does indeed feel much less stiff and I think that will also help.
All in I am pretty excited to have got my filthy mitts on one of these and am really looking forward to getting a session on it.
I will let you know how it goes then.
Oh and I got a bamboo negative Ion enhancing Krypt t-shirt off MT also. Feels very comfy! You should get yourself one as it should make you feel like you have had a surf even if you haven't!

Plenty of difference between the previous SERIES V MT5 to the newer MT5-S  
As Robin mentions in his post, the new mats have a reduced centre beam and is alot thinner , which is similar to the JT5 in thickness. 

SCUMM TEAM RIDER Eric Bridges ( pictured above) visited Mark late last year and though he didn't get to test ride the new model, he was so impressed that it brought him down to his knees!

plenty of grip compared to the older versions

First Surf Report

from Australian Surf Mat Rider 

Well I got a very mediocre session on the new MT5-S model (Yes I have only just noticed that new name on the mat) this morning in onshore slop but sets sitting up enough to get on to some sort of short face at least.
Ok so firstly I am rapt that having inspected the new deck material yesterday that I chose not to grip it up with Sikaflex or to apply wax today. As it is brilliant, providing plenty of grip whilst allowing the rider to move around. 

I was wearing a standard 3/2 Ripcurl Dawn Patrol with the neoprene chest insert. I reckon it would still be ok without the neoprene so perhaps just a rashy would work ok too.
So, terrific not to have to worry about Sikaflex or wax anymore on MT5s. On that point alone, I will be purchasing the latest standard model MT5.
Secondly, duck diving the MT5-S is a piece of piss as you would probably expect as there is far less mat to deal with. So getting out the back is easier and once you are there, cruising around the line up is just fine also. Whist there is less buoyancy, there is also less mat so I didn't feel like I was having to work significantly harder than I would have on a Standard MT5. With the new deck material, it felt very secure cruising around waiting for something to come through.
Thirdly, for the life of me I could not get the mat to trim in the shit I was surfing so I am really unable to comment extensively on how it rides until I get on a better quality wave. But I am not one to give up easily and always enjoying a challenge. So I can report that I was out there for an hour and a half trying every possible amount of air from barely any air at all to as much air in the mat as It could possibly hold and everything in-between. In the end I settled on a firm 90 degrees but In reality it is probably just too small a mat for me but could be sensational for a smaller rider. However, I am pleased to have it in the quiver as a lender, and, for the days it is jacking up and quick at the point. As I reckon it would work well for me when the bank there is throwing you in to the wave too quick for a standard MT5 and I am resorting to elbows and knees in the face trying to slow it down so as I can stay further up in the wave. I may get a chance to test that over the weekend.

So to summarize:

1. The new deck material is brilliant. No wax or grip required anymore so I can highly recommend you consider getting the new standard model if not the S.
2. Great having less mat under you for duck diving and generally getting around the line up.
3. So little mat to work with it is a challenge to get it to trim and probably best suited to lighter riders and days when the waves are jacking up. MT told me Stickney liked the mat and we know the sort of waves he likes to ride inside of! I will definitely be spending more time with this mat.

Many Thanks to
Australian Surf Mat Rider for the detailed report!

Friday, 22 January 2016




             Mat Riding , Soft Top's & Boogie

With the Holiday crowd still hanging around , a nice fresh NE groundswell , it was amazing that the crew got this to themselves for over 2 hours, whilst just on the otherside of the point that they were riding, there must have been 20 + surfers!

All Aboard

Three is not a crowd

Ainslie , Eric and Phil

Phil Harper

Prone or Kneel

High Five from Paul Newman

Softop Softech

Kneel or Prone?

Boogie Girl

Eric Bridges

Mat Man

Phil Harper

Softech Fun

Paul Newman

wave sharing

Phil on the inside followed by Paul , with Eric finally joining in on the fun.....Zoom!


Phil Harper , Paul Newman , Ainslie Dickson , Eric Bridges and myself

Neal Cameron

 '' it's obvious that the velocity and centrifugal forces created an unbelievable amount of pressure to smash your Jatz Crackers.! ''

Fibreglass art exhibition at Dunn Lewis has touches of erotica and surfing life

ROLLERGIRL: Mark Rabbidge, Pam Burridge, Isobel Rabbidge and Neal Cameron at the opening. Rollergirl is a paper image encapsulated in fibreglass.
ROLLERGIRL: Mark Rabbidge, Pam Burridge, Isobel Rabbidge and Neal Cameron at the opening. Rollergirl is a paper image encapsulated in fibreglass.
Glassfibre Fetish, a 16-piece exhibition open now at the Dunn Lewis Centre, has taken artist Neal Cameron a year to put together and half a lifetime to create.
The collection demonstrates the versatility and variation of fibreglass as an artistic medium.
“Over the years, I have been contracted to build cars, motorbikes, gliders, surfcraft and costumes,” Mr Cameron said.
Several items exhibit a touch of erotica - Roving lady, Fembot soup, Rollergirl, The Hedonist sunlounge, Candle holder bust, Evening Gown and The Stairway Window.
Mr Cameron collaborated with Lisa Walpole to make two evening gowns adorned with 30,000 crystals featuring flexible carbon fibre corsets - the sister gown is on show in the Swarovski crystal museum in Austria.
As with a few sentimental works, the local Evening Gown is not for sale.
Combined price tags for the pieces for sale is above $15,000, and some guests at the Saturday opening night snapped up a couple of collectibles.
Several abstract paintings made with coloured resin, some with cloth, inspired one visitor to commission a floor to ceiling full wall panel as a fabric inlay in a new home he is about to build in the district.
Fembot Soup is Neal’s silver-grey fit-to-form fibreglass bust of friend and model Bridgitte Barrett exhibited at Escape Artfest.
Mr Cameron’s pedigree dates back famed kneeboarder George Greenough’s era, with spoon designs that are still benchmarks.
Surfing icons Mark Rabbidge and Pam Burridge eyed them off at the opening.
One has a clear see-through deck they could have for $2700 but the other is not for sale.
Mark’s 14-year-old son Otis has to tolerate the fact that Neal’s carbon fibre skimboard he has been hotshotting on is also hanging on the Dunn Lewis wall for the next 10 days or so.
Having seen him ride it, Pam reckons she can also be talked into having a slide.
Mr Cameron will donate 10 per cent of sales to the community funded Dunn Lewis Centre.
Glassfibre Fetish is open all day until mid-evening until at least January 23.

Milk & Honey
SCUMM heads to Northern waters


Phil and Paul
Post Surf Check

Good fun morning with ya mates. Sharing and caring. Riding our own individual surf craft and loving it.

Looking thru the Fish Bowl