Saturday, 11 February 2012

La Big Mac

Super Size Me Please

Its been a real pisser of a summer so far, bugger all sunny days and never seems to stop when Friday arrived , soggy and wet, with thunderstorms and lightning but with offshore winds, my brain switch from work to surf mode and  when I met up with Macca at the lookout and saw just a couple of crew out it didn't take much to twist my arm and go out....we gunna get wet anyways, so this storm wasn't going to stop us! I had a text early in the morning from a couple of kneelo mates who were staying down at Slat's, who said they were heading out early and when I rang Robbie about an hour later, he said they called him , informing him it was a couple of feet and super clean, so when Macca and I pulled into the carpark, with it absolutely pouring down, lightning and thunder, I was really wondering what I was doing getting change and walking out to the break! It was like a river, water cascading down the steps and track, there was even a fish just lying in the middle of the walkway, so when we fianlly hit the bottom and could see the break, there was nobody in the water...the passing electrical storm had chased everybody in out of the water, and when we rounded the corner to the main beach, there was my 2 mates Tom and Gareth huddeling next to the rock face, with the rest of the crew down the other end, seeking shelter from the storm....with Claytons wife and small bubbie being amonst the thick of it, sitting under a small beach tent , with Pigsey, Choc and a couple of others all doing the same.It didn't take long for Macca to get out there, as did everybody else, as the storm passed, and was replaced by steady rain instead. As i paddled out with my GoPro camera attched to my head, I was thinking how I should get some good footage even though it was small....well it helps if you have a SD card inserted...Doh.. so stupid me worked that out after a couple of waves and when Robbie rounded the corner and came out for a paddle, I decided to go in and pick up my 50D and plugg a few happy snaps of my mates, it even stop raining and by lunchtime it was full sunshine....go figuire!

Dave, Pigsey, Slats, Jefferson, Chocstar, Clayton and Macca

Robbie Slater aka Mr Drift

Mark McCloud

slideshow of pics below

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A Day with the WAKA'S

Mark Able

Bombo Beach

The call was made on Friday to go up to Bombo and catch up with the boys from WAKA (WOLLONGONG AREA KNEEBOARD CLUB)
who were having thier Febuary club pointscore at Bombo Beach

Micky Dees
South Nowra
Bridge over the Shoalhaven River

So after jumping in Paul's ute , we headed up to North Nowra to pick up Eric (who was still eating breakfast) we made a call for some coffee

So when the bakery was closed at Berry, a slight detour via Kiama was needed

and to be greeted with this when we arrived at the beach

                                                    some of the WAKA commitee
                          Troy, Dave, Club President  Russell Smith, with Tom and Rudy in the background

It was pumping down the beach

Justin Stevens sequence below

                                      Everybody was surfing well with some good waves to be had in their heat
                                                                        Andy Peck below


                                                                            Uncle Brian (Rocks)
Mark Able


                                                           turn around boys

                                                                            Eric Bridges 

                                                         Chick Magnets?

                                                                 Men of WAKA
                                                       Tom , Dave and Russell



                                                                              Tom Newton

                 Custom artwork by Mr Drift......Robbie Slater

Captain Goodvibes

Final results for the Day were

Over 60's 
Dave 1st
Uncle Brian 2nd
Rudy 3rd

Repo Final
Tom 1st
Tony 2nd
Ron 3rd
Russell 4th

Open Final
Smurf 1st
Ab's 2nd
Andy 3rd
Eric 'da Bolt' Bridges 4th

                                      Only a Waka knows the Feeling

     Slideshow of pics below