Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Get Your Kicks

Route 66

As the weekend approaches and the forcast was for little to no swell.....what are you suppose to do?
Hit the road and make the most of  a nice sunny morning with good friends and make sure you throw the surf mat in to make it extra fun.....I'll still get my kicks, heading down my South Coast Route 66!

                                               Dont be sad, just maybe...



                                    Its Cranking!

                                 Paul's first surf on his newie

                                            Surf Mat Vision.....Eric getting his Kicks!

                                Breakfast Time and Coffee

                                                     One lump or two?

                                        It's Buffy the Sambo Slayer!

Now why couldn't we get waves like this below.....Mark Thomson on his Krypt Surf Matt