Thursday, 25 September 2014

Crazy Mat Men


Funny times on the South Coast, whilst I had to work, the SCUMM were at Play.


A few words from Terry Towelling


 Terry Toweling
pic by Justin Spittle


Justin wanted to paddle out at 5.30am … like in the morning … So I picked up The Tofunator at 4.00 am … in the morning. Johnny was ready and waiting with Splash the Wonder Hound when I pulled up in his driveway. After John gave Splash a quick goodbye smooch we were off to Erics. All was well until my Sat Nav thingy decided to update just before Nowra - oops; I only had a vague idea where Eric lived and John was still dreaming about the smooch with Splash. Brainwave: “I know! We will just drive around North Nowra till we find him! I remember something about a church!” Luckily, we found him running naked down the street in just a pair of Crocs. We bundled him into the car and headed off. The trip was quick and hilarious with Eric giving us a guided tour of his medical procedures … We were frightened … At 5.30am, almost on the dot, we arrived at Gilligans and bolted to the lookout. YES YES YES! Perfect and hardly a soul in the water, just our mate Justin on his mat. Oh yes, there was also a SUP … hmmmmmm, he wont last long. When Paul turned up we changed in record time and bolted down the track. We had a couple of 4gf’s, a Krypt and a belly board. What could go wrong?We did the long paddle out over the shark pit until at last we made it to the breaking waves. WOW. It was perfect: long, long perfect peeling lefts that went for ever. Perfect for SCUMM like us. We were getting the waves of our lives. I am pretty new at this Mat caper but managed to score a couple of nice ones. Justin, Paul, Eric and Johnny were amazing: massive turns and speed runs galore were the order of the day. It was amazing, classic surf, beautiful clear water and even some dolphins. Once Justin took down the SUP you couldn’t ask for more. To top it all off, I managed to jag the most perfect mat wave of my entire life. I stayed high, kept a good line and didn't get caught in the white water. I was SUPER SUPER STOKED. You couldn't have wiped the grin off my face if you’d tried. After we could surf no more, we retired to Pilgrims and had an epic breaky, where we relived each and every wave in minute detail. Perhaps there was a bit of exaggeration, I don’t know, but no one cared a bit. Coz we are SCUMM.

pic by Justin Spittle


Pic’s by Eric da Bolt


Terry above and below with Paul, John and Justin



Tofu’s Corner


4am !?!?!? But I just got pissed and SOOO stoned with a German lady shaper !!! Next thing I knew Terry Toweling was outside my bedroom window, then we were off the get lost on the way to pick up Eric the Crocs wearing peddo'. Job eventually done we materialized at Gilligan's, or that's what it felt like to me.............exept for the constant ramblings from the back seat. Just Spit was in the water already, then Oily emerged from the Ladies toilets (not sure why) and it was on. Wave after wave was finessed into submission by a 4GF mat, a Krypt mat or my Brown Dogg Bellyboard that I really wanted to try out at Gilligan's. SOOOOOOO good out there ! And then when we couldn't flip anymore, it was time to chow-down at Pilgrims. By the time we'd finished it looked like we were trying to steal food, we had that much of it on our faces. Windows down and heads out the windows on the drive home 'cause Eric was doing a pretty good impression of a faulty gas-works. As we drove along the country roads, birds fell dead out of the trees. I celebrated by scoring free stickers for the lads. After all........I AM Johnny Tofu. And bye the way, MATS are where it's at Baby, and THAT'S the Cherry Truth.




John riding his belly glider, pic’s by Justin Spittle



I think John tried to shave your legs for you Paul Newman, Johnny got banished to the sin bin after riding over Pauls legs!


Johnny eating his namesake…the Tofu Burger


Village Idiots, Milton


Justin Spittle

‘sorry mate, didn’t see ya

Mat Man VS SUP ?


camera got knocked at end so unable to see his face but was gold. His quote "yer ya did". Yep’!!




more Tofu Burgers



Paul Newman

pic by Justin Spittle






Paul put together some great vision from his Go Pro camera, many thanks!

Lets Slide @ Gilligans from Bulkheads Stuff on Vimeo.



Eric da Bolt

Gee the boys are late I wonder what has happened?. Seems their GPS which is how they find their way around, had decided to do an update half way there its, YEP lost again. So its off to the island and yes Tezza I will be the navigator. Arrived at 5.30 am to find the enforcer out and 3 other. The waves are glassy and pumping. Oily soon arrives and its mat men against the rabble. After 2 hours of fun and with only a couple of hassles which were soon taken care of by the “Maroubra Enforcer”, the crowd got to the kaos stage and before blood was spilt we headed of for the best time of the day FOODTIME. The enforcer refused to share his ham wraps, instead he handed over some energy giving liquorish, “just-in” time. What do ya mean we are going to a Vego cafĂ©?...well I hope they have chips, I mean potatoes are a vegetable, but NO. Only alpha sprouts and tofu. Luckily for us meat eaters the vegie burgers were fine, the coffee was great and the “Free” vanilla frappe sure hit the spot. It was then off home as our mascot Splash the wonder hound had escaped again and Johnny needed to round him up. After an early rise, a good surf and some fine food “little johnny tofu” decided it was nap time. Soon the sound of snoring echoed thru Tezza’s surf mobile, drowning out Pink Floyds “wish you were here”. A great scummday for sure...

Pictured below with Justin


Zoom Zoom Eric!


thru erics eyes from adam williams on Vimeo.

‘somebody leaves a half drank cuppa on the adjoining table?’

No Worries, Eric is here to clean the table!


Many thanks to the SCUMM Crew for supplying some words and pictures to make this report possible!

Stay Tuned for the Revenge of the Blue Headed Seal


and what happened the following Day

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Wayne’s World


The Kopit Family and Booderee National Park

The good doctor visits our little piece of paradise with his family recently, and I was able to catch up and help show them around the local area.

Pictured below at Caves Beach

Wayne, his wife Diane and two daughters Jamie and Andi
which is situated in the Booderee National Park


I finally caught up with them on a Thursday afternoon , and with them already having a personal guided tour of the park with good mate Robert Slater the previous day, I found them just chilling down on the beach, but keen to see some more wildlife,so it was off on a short drive to place called Greenpatch, where there is plenty of local bird life to see and interact with.

Wayne with a pair of King Parrot’s


Diane and another King Parrot


Andi with a Rainbow Lorrikeet ( left) and 2 King Parrots ( right)


Wayne and his wife Diane are both Vet’s, so I guess his snake handling skills came in handy with this little python.


Jamie with a King Parrot




A young Rosella looking to share some food with the King Parrot



This Rosella gave me a surprise when he landed on my shoulder.


The video below best somes up the afternoon’s adventure!

wayne from adam williams on Vimeo.

Kneeboarding and Surfing

Wayne pick up a brand new Flashpoint kneeboard , from master shaper Bruce Hart before heading down the coast to us, so was keen to get it in the water. Robbie took him down to Bendalong Beach on Saturday , and he scored some nice clean waves.


All pics below by Robert Slater




Wayne even met a couple of local kneelo’s  during his travels


Wreck Bay


I picked up Wayne around 6am on Sunday and slipped out the Wrecky for a surf, so with still a couple of feet of swell, and just two other surfers out, it was a fun surf on the reef…I even rode my kneeboard!



A view from the water





From the Beach









Wayno checking out my 5’10” Drift kneeboard



Try wiping that smile off his face!


some Go Pro Vision

early sunday from adam williams on Vimeo.

Swing Dancing

Who would have knew?
Wayne and Diane are very good dancers, so when Rob invited us around for a few drinks and food , his purpose built dance floor , the Moonshine Room, was put to good use. Showcasing their dancing skill it was a fun afternoon, with plenty of laughs , and a great way to say farewell to the Kopit family

unnamed (2)
 swing from adam williams on Vimeo.

Pictured below Robbie and Diane.


Wayne and Diane

swing from adam williams on Vimeo.

unnamed (1)

We even presented Wayne with a SCUMM shirt, as a memento of his visit down here


A video below of the afternoons fun.

moonshine room from adam williams on Vimeo.

Many thanks to Rob Slater for hosting the afternoons farewell  and will catch up again one day with Kopit’s, maybe at their home town of Huntington Beach , California USA.
Till then, see you online!!