Sunday, 12 June 2011

Retro Riders

There is nothing better than finishing the working week with a sneaky surf on Friday. After a final roll coat on the floor that had been working on and being down at Ulladulla, I decided to drive to Wario Beach and check out the surf

The banks down there are great at the moment, with many A- frames dotted along the beach and with a small local crew to share with, I had a fun time out in the water.After getting out and shooting a few pics of the local conditions, it was back to Ulladulla for a pie and coffee at Haydens Pie shop for lunch.

On the drive home I decided to call into Bendalong to see what the swell was doing and after pulling into the south end carpark, I was greeted by MattyG , who had been out riding his blue twin fin coolite, and came in to swap it for his single fin Slab Crozier kneeboard...(anybody who has seen Matt ride these craft knows that he rips on them ) so as he ran off down the beach to the southern corner, I noticed that he wasn't alone and good mate Rob Rennie was out there as well as local Manyanian kneelo Wally and  Brenden Dunn making 4 knnelos in total and 2 footboarders sharing a fun little bank breaking left towards the rocks!

Matty splitting the peak with Wally

Below are some pics of old mate Robbie Rennie

Below is Robbie and Brenden sharing the fun

Wally the kneelo

 Wally's Baz Sequence below