Friday, 18 November 2011

Funday Friday

I like Fridays....not only is the end of a working week, but I always seem to jagg a good surf , so when we were driving to work and rounded the corner into Husky, I gave Long Nose a quick glance, and saw white water breaking on the bommie...yep, there is a little bit of south swell in there, but the surf report on the local radio said its dead flat and swell from the with me taking a mental note of this, we started to unload the van to start work , I  pushed the thought of a surf on the back burner and proceeded to work head down and bum up! Around mid morning Brenden rang me from Bendy saying there was a bit of swell around and he had just got out after having a splash, so when we started having power issues with work, I rang Slats to give him the heads up and suggested that he and Gary go and have a look at Wrecky before bolting down the coast to Bendy....20 minutes later the phone rang with Slats telling me it was quite solid and just a handful of guys out...haha..a sneaky south swell that had caught the hordes and net dwellers out, then like a sign from God, the power at the shop that I was working at died completely and I explained to the owner that we might as well pack up and go while he waited for the sparky to show up...Yehaaa, I was home in a flash and straight out to Wrecky to catch up with my friends....and a good thing I did!

With just a handful of cars in the carpark, it was looking good for bugger all people in the lineup and when I finally cleared the long walk thru the track and bounced around the corner onto the coral sand, there was just 4 guys out and it was  a solid, pumping 4ft+ with a screaming offshore to boot. Well it didn't take me long to get change and by the time I hit the water, there was only Gary and Slats out, with just a couple of kids on the rocks.....

So with my Go Pro camera strapped to my hand for a 'different' veiw' of the surf, I paddled out to sample the quality that was on hand ( no pun intended).....Yep, I love Fridays!!!!

Good mates and fellow kneelo's Gary and Mr Drift aka Robbie Slater ( he is the one sharing his love) pictured below

Mr Drift

Surf pics with manys thanks to Robbie Slater

The video below I shot with the GoPro camera strapped to my wrist to get a 'different view' it on wide screen HD and enjoy the view and the music byTequila Mockingbird......'Blue'

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Get Your Kicks

Route 66

As the weekend approaches and the forcast was for little to no swell.....what are you suppose to do?
Hit the road and make the most of  a nice sunny morning with good friends and make sure you throw the surf mat in to make it extra fun.....I'll still get my kicks, heading down my South Coast Route 66!

                                               Dont be sad, just maybe...



                                    Its Cranking!

                                 Paul's first surf on his newie

                                            Surf Mat Vision.....Eric getting his Kicks!

                                Breakfast Time and Coffee

                                                     One lump or two?

                                        It's Buffy the Sambo Slayer!

Now why couldn't we get waves like this below.....Mark Thomson on his Krypt Surf Matt

Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Search

By mid morning on Friday I would expect a call from Paul.....'knocking off at lunchtime, up for a surf? '...yep...and so after picking up Brenden, we headed south searching for a wave!

Back beach didn't look inviting, so we headed around the headland to Manyana and Cunjurong Point for a look see

 Hamburgers had a little wave protected out of the wind

Green Island

Saturday Morning Search
Kneelo Cove

After looking at Back Beach first, we headed around to our 'kneelo cove' and found it small but offshore and best of all......uncrowded.

as soon as we got out 2 guys came running across the shelf to jump in

Kneelo Cove video below

Sunday Search out at the Lake

Brenden and Eric 'the bolt' Bridges

Peter Flood off the top

The Cuttlefish Test

Slideshow below

A few of the local footboarders enjoying the conditions.

I was here first.....

The local creek at Swan Lake has opened again to the ocean after being closed for a few years

and with this it has shifted tonnes of sand, leaving the natural shelf rock exposed for the firt time many years

On a closer look you can see where people have scribed their names and date into section s of the exposed rock

Various dates and names have been scribed over the years, but none as old as these

Waka 1620.....piss off Jimmy Cook, my family was here first!