Friday, 29 April 2011

Instructional Kneeboard Video by the Wollongong Area Kneeboard Association

Behind the scene and surfing pictures below

and check out the whole video from Thatlldo Culture

Kneelos from Thatlldo Culture on Vimeo.

Mark McCleod and his partner Gulja Thielscher(Thatilldo Culture)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bob Gove


Bob Gove, a set on Flickr.

Bob Gove's fun afternoon at Wrecky

The Orange Kneeboarder.....Bob Gove

Bob Gove the 'Orange Kneeboarder' as he is known in San Diego and surrounds, visited here just recently and competed in the ISA World Titles at Phillip Island, and took out the Legends division 60-63

Bob pictured aboved with fellow finalists Steve Artis, Gunther Frensch and Rudy Lausz

With good friends and fellow 'Blacks' crew Brad Cowell and Bill Learner

Bob pictured below at the Rhyll Trout & Bush Tucker Farm with the rest of Team USA

After the competition, Bob and his girlfriend Carole called in for a visit on the way back to Sydney and lucked into some decent swell and conditions while in our local area.
Bob might be 60 but he is still a grommie at heart and is keen for anything,up at the crack of dawn, paddling out in the dark, a great kneeboarder to surf with and a top bloke.
I was stoked to share a couple of surfs with him!

Culburra Lakemouth

Bob and Rob Slater

Bob Gove
Wreck Bay Barrels

Bob Is known for his trademark rope handles and carrying his sony waterproof camera across his back
Inside looking out ....Bob Gove on the shoulder with his trusty camera

Mike 'the Spaniard' Fernandez was also there enjoying a few bazza's

Mike and Bob in the water at Wrecky

Below is some more photos from Rob Slater
Many thanks for the pics mate!
see more of Rob's photography

The Spaniard


Friday, 15 April 2011