Monday, 18 July 2016


Eric Bridges above and below enjoying some ' Surf-Matters ' 

Eric sent me these pictures, taken last week, of himself riding a few at his favorite surf spot 'backdoor' .

Two Heads are better than One

Surf -Matting  @ Gilligans Island 

with Neal Cameron

This was a fun Monday Morning and considering it is smack in the middle of school holidays, the crowd was minimal and the waves were okay.

two heads are better than one from adam williams on Vimeo.

Swooping Seagull

Three is not a crowd

Just getting to some of our surf spots down here of the South Coast can be a adventure in them selves .

Saturday morning special

surfmatters from adam williams on Vimeo.

UFO's that look strangely like a Surf Mat....take me to your Leader!

Post Surf Breakfast

Friday, 15 July 2016

Gone Fishing

Side Cut Fish Kneeboard

from Mick Mackie Designs 

I first started knee boarding back in the late 70's.
Riding surf mats for the best part of my teenage years, then onto a Belly Bogger for 12 months , before saving enough money to buy a second hand kneeboard . My older cousin and his friends were all riding single fin kneeboards & spoons and would take me surfing with them , so by 1979 , I had out grown the surf mat &  belly bogger, and wanted a kneeboard like my older peers...which happen to be a twin fin ' Spot ' kneeboard . I next had a twin fin from Carabine Surfboards ( pictured below with eldest son Cameron sitting proudly, he just turned 35 the other day) and 12 months later a Skipp twinnie , shaped by Ed Sinnot, which then lead me down the path of Tri Fin's , Quad's & Competition Surfing 

Some Albert Whiteman Love

Mick used to shaped out of the Friar Tuck factory down here at Kings Point, along side the late, great Albert Whiteman ; back in the early 90's, so he was stoked to use a template from one of my AW boards .


I wanted more drive over performance! 

At 54 years old, I am no shredder, I like surfing the wave , doing ( well trying) nice flowing cutbacks and top turns. I find that having broader based fin's give's me the drive that I want over performing tighter turns that the modern day fin set up's can give you. One lesson I learn't from surfing my Bonza one morning was what a difference a fin can make to your surfing, I started off with that green 'Crozier ' fin and after riding a couple of waves and the noticeable lack of drive from the board, I returned to the beach and swapped it back to the larger based fin , and what a difference it made 

Broad Based Fin

Broad Based Timber Keels

gone fishing from adam williams on Vimeo.

Mick Mackie 

Custom order for another friend of mine

Bonzilla & Fish Fingers 

fish from adam williams on Vimeo.

Life's a Beach

A morning at Wreck Bay

Marcus Hague

Froth Master

Driving bottom turns using the complete length of the rail

Pipe Master