Saturday, 28 April 2012

Drop In’s and Drop Bear’s


Shouldn’t laugh but on Friday afternoon, after picking Paul ( pictured above) up from his house and heading out to wrecky, a series of calamities happened and it all started when we pulled into the carpark and started the long trek out to the reef. Halfway along the track, Paul gets a puncture in one of his thongs, blows a double bung and is forced to continue the walk out with just one thong…lol…and apart from hearing growling coming from the tree tops , we continued on till we hit the beach and saw the surf wasn’t exactly going off by any means and there must have been about a dozen young lid riders out, so after sooking for a while we decided that after walking all this way out, we might as well get wet…and thats when the second calamity happened, Paul got dropped in on , while on his first wave, by one of the young kids, and his board came back to hit his head and bust his eyebrow open, while I was having great time , getting shacked off my head on my first wave, and wondering why Paul had gone in so soon!



So after coming in find out what was wrong….’my head hurts’ was the cry from… so it was time to pack up the gear and start the long walk back to the car






So luckily he was able to carry his own gear back , between sobs, so with the memory of growling in the tree tops, I was a bit hesitant to follow him as the smell of blood brings the best out of those dam ‘Drop Bears’, so when we finally hit the end of the track and saw what we thought was the safety of the car park….boom…a drop bear came flying from the tree tops and went to grab Paul on the…I did well to intercept the rotten smelling thing, and it took a chunk out of my arm before racing off further to feed on a dead roo carcass



Luckily it was only a bit of a love bite and not the usual full mauling that can be expected, but what a way to end the day!!

Don't believe in Drop Bears, read below!


Have you ever heard of a Wandandian Devil?

This is a vid from Saturday Afternoon’s fun….Matt-o-tastic!!

The Message Stick



Harddartz poster final

New hull design from Wizz at Harddartz  , which Stu has called the ‘Message Stick’ and going by the positive feedback he has been given, I am looking forward to testing a smaller kneeboard version ( this board is 6’6”) and adding another board to my quiver of conventional and unconventional kneeboards and surf mats


A Morning at Wrecky with Farmer Russ
I caught up with Russ Newman a while back for a surf and to take a few pics of him surfing his Harddartz down on the reef at Wreck Bay.



Harddartz Pics 395

My Cousin Fletcher







the Cuttlefish from Harddartz, pictured below is 5’9” kneeboard and flies in larger clean surf, nothing like a standard kneeboard  which has fins to pivot and drive from, so a whole new learning curve , as it is to riding surf matts.