Friday, 18 November 2011

Funday Friday

I like Fridays....not only is the end of a working week, but I always seem to jagg a good surf , so when we were driving to work and rounded the corner into Husky, I gave Long Nose a quick glance, and saw white water breaking on the bommie...yep, there is a little bit of south swell in there, but the surf report on the local radio said its dead flat and swell from the with me taking a mental note of this, we started to unload the van to start work , I  pushed the thought of a surf on the back burner and proceeded to work head down and bum up! Around mid morning Brenden rang me from Bendy saying there was a bit of swell around and he had just got out after having a splash, so when we started having power issues with work, I rang Slats to give him the heads up and suggested that he and Gary go and have a look at Wrecky before bolting down the coast to Bendy....20 minutes later the phone rang with Slats telling me it was quite solid and just a handful of guys out...haha..a sneaky south swell that had caught the hordes and net dwellers out, then like a sign from God, the power at the shop that I was working at died completely and I explained to the owner that we might as well pack up and go while he waited for the sparky to show up...Yehaaa, I was home in a flash and straight out to Wrecky to catch up with my friends....and a good thing I did!

With just a handful of cars in the carpark, it was looking good for bugger all people in the lineup and when I finally cleared the long walk thru the track and bounced around the corner onto the coral sand, there was just 4 guys out and it was  a solid, pumping 4ft+ with a screaming offshore to boot. Well it didn't take me long to get change and by the time I hit the water, there was only Gary and Slats out, with just a couple of kids on the rocks.....

So with my Go Pro camera strapped to my hand for a 'different' veiw' of the surf, I paddled out to sample the quality that was on hand ( no pun intended).....Yep, I love Fridays!!!!

Good mates and fellow kneelo's Gary and Mr Drift aka Robbie Slater ( he is the one sharing his love) pictured below

Mr Drift

Surf pics with manys thanks to Robbie Slater

The video below I shot with the GoPro camera strapped to my wrist to get a 'different view' it on wide screen HD and enjoy the view and the music byTequila Mockingbird......'Blue'