Friday, 17 June 2016

Finding Fourth Gear & Beyond

Riding Surf Mats

 Surfing mats are fun.
 Surfing mats in a really good , down the line, reef or point break , is extremely FUN.
 Surfing mats and finding fourth gear is the true Nirvana that every mat rider strives for 

attaining high speed slides and drifts, figure 8 crossovers and flat out down the line speed is what true mat riding is all about , transforming the humble air mattress into a speeding bullet and the inner sanctum of fourth gear and beyond.

Paul Newman embracing Fourth Gear.

After a very busy year down here, a two week vacation to Hawaii, work and family commitments , I finally enjoyed some of the best mat waves for 2016 , and as usual at the world's premier mat wave, Gilligans Island. 

Going right is not the normal option, but it wasn't hard to split and share the peak with Paul....ZOOM.

Public Holiday Monday

with Paul Newman and Neal Cameron

Paul pictured below, just loves his Public Holidays

Finding Fourth Gear from adam williams on Vimeo.

Vision below from Paul's camera

Post Surf Breakfast at Norma's, great burgers and coffee.

Next Day Tuesday

Slightly smaller but still super fun....sharing with Neal Cameron

Early morning slides

Well it's Wednesday

It's smaller, but at least the car park is empty , bar those kneeboard riders.

The view from the lookout, only two out

Robbie Rennie

Neal Cameron

Time to surf a kneeboard, a Pete Berry 100% Moonshine

No Knee-Bahs Here from adam williams on Vimeo.

Fun Day Friday

No Knee-Bah's Here

Knee Surfing alternative knee craft, No sheep here !

myself with a Neal Cameron built carbon spoon

Old Kneeboarders just keep popping out of the woods!

Wally Walsh

No Knee Bah's Here Two from adam williams on Vimeo.

Bonzer Morning

Neal Cameron

Rob Rennie

Paul 'grub' Gleeson aka King Neptune and the Key Master to the gate of Gilligan's Island

Robbie Rennie
Unplugged at Bendy Shop.

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