Friday, 9 June 2017

View from Above

Hi guys ...

i hope you can open and view this OK

It is Jason's first drone footage

We just needed bigger waves..

But i am sure you can see the potential & great colours etc. It gives us all a great perspective of the reef etc.

Jason is a fully licensed drone operator AND most importantly as a commercial photographer is licensed and has paid for the sound backing....

HOPE you enjoy...regards eric

Monday, 29 May 2017

A Morning with Eric 'Matman ' Bridges

pictured above , post surf breakfast & coffee!

Paul Newman, Phil Harper, Eric Bridges & Neal Cameron


Our great Friend , Mate & Mentor , has not been well since before Xmas and has been battling cancer, which has kept him inside and away from the Ocean, that he loves. We have had him out in some smaller waves the past few month's ,but with only one functioning eye left, we/he has to be selective in what and where he surf's,  so when I asked him if he wanted to join us for a trip down the coast , knowing it was going to be on the large size, he said  'yes please'  !! so I picked him up from his house and drove down the coast to join the rest of the SCUMM crew, much to the delight of the boys ,  and we were not disappointed when we arrived!!


Empty , 4ft solid ( with slightly bigger set's) and a mild  cross shore wind...we are out there!!

Eric decided it was too big and didn't have the strength to paddle and duck dive, but he was happy to sit on the rocks and take the view in &  take some pics of  Neal , Phil , Paul and my self , such the Legend that Mat Man is!

Dolphin's , Beautiful Wave's and just the 4 of us in the water for close to 3 hour's. I was riding my 5 Star General  , Neal with his Four Gear Flyer Tracker RT , Paul with his Krypto and my Softech, while Phil stayed on his knee's riding his Softech Hybrid ....a morning that we will ever forget!

SONS OF FUN II from adam williams on Vimeo.

Eric's Photo's below

 Not only did Eric shoot some land shot's , but he also took some video, not bad for a person with only one eye and just a cheap digital camera to record with!

WHITE DEVIL WEEKEND from adam williams on Vimeo.

After well got out, there was still nice waves running thru , in fact it was cleaning up more, but the bigger sets were not as consistent as before , I  stood on the rocks for a few moments after everyone and left , just me and the bird's and the Ocean!!

I finally past one other surfer on the track back to the car, he had a grin on his face and must have thought he won the lottery when he saw the empty waves peeling thru...'its all your's ' and kept on walking up the hill. We went and had some food & coffee and came back a hour later...the wind had dropped, the swell had gone slightly funky and there must had been a dozen guys out....such is Life eh?/

 vision via Paul Newman

SCUMM together from Bulkheads Stuff on Vimeo.

Eric and I did some window shopping on the way home ! stupidity at its best and something that Eric and I have always shared!


          No Swell Saturday but a Road Trip to Kiama

A quick visit north, no waves, some nice food and coffee, then back home again!

Eric with Johnny Tofu

Bugger All Swell

Back Home with Faye and Eric

My Best mate Eric and his wife Faye

                                            A beautiful edit from Phil Harper ( Thank You )