Saturday, 25 January 2020

Surfoplane Bonanza

Society of Surfoplane Sliders

I scored another Surfoplane the other day, just spotted it for sale on social media and was able to score this beautiful orange replicate from the 80's , unfortunately I missed out on the other 2 mats that would have been a nice addition to my collection pictured below!

Saturday Morning Surfoplane Bonanza with SCUMM

Well it's a no brainer that if  ' I score a new toy I am going to ride it ' so when Paul arrived at my place at 5.30 am I suggested a road trip down south and making it a retro Surfoplane day as well. A phone call to both Phil & Neal ( couldn't wake Neal ) with Phil also keen to tag along and bring his surfoplane as well

So when we pulled up and saw only one person out it was hoots all round! We were so loud another mat rider ( Simon from Canberra) popped out of his car and came out to join us as well! We met Simon last weekend with his Slippery Seal Surf Mat so its great to have another mat rider to join us in the mayhem and funny enough the one guy who was out came in, so 4 mat riders in the lineup sharing & laughing over 2 hours before another crew finally came down, so off to the local Cafe for a feed and coffee for a post surf brief and jive talk before heading home and a rest!

                                                     SCUMM SURFOPLANE RIDERS

                                                             WAKA SURFOPLANE

Battle wounds from riding all the way and not pulling out but letting go....Butter Fingers Phil

All packed and ready to roll home


Society of Surfplane Sliders the Movie

Society of Surfplane Sliders from adam williams on Vimeo.


RAW Surfoplane SCUMM from adam williams on Vimeo.


Beach Safety 

Thank You Bridgett !!

$500,000 will go towards renovations to our clubhouse with upgrades to the ladies toilets and the chicken pen !!!!

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Living in the 70's

RUBBER Rusty Miller

Feel the surface texture with your body....low water view...four foot wave is twice overhead...fistful of canvas steers you around...very free release...controlled side slips...a gas in sloppy surf...bumper cars with friends...sounds like I make them.....nope....just rediscovered the thrill....sensation of rubber experience...fins needed for 'sized waves' ....In these times, when so many mats are like stepping into bumper cars consciousness with your friends...takes the serious of the upside down smile of the Narbin jammer ....4 foot slop a ball with several mats....wetsuits with a good contact material and chafe free scene...your low and in the water alot....Cork off the top of a 3 times over your header...immediate release and slip down the face...stiff arm the right side and she grabs...sliding parallel in the low curve...the track so different than a board...pick up juice...stick a fin climbing the wall and you are so released, ya just feel the texture of the water through a moving flowing mold of air under canvas...soft brother..Grab a 3ft. NE windchop piece and it will fling you loose.

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Rollerboarding craze hits the streets of Tamarama 1964

' Keep a firm grip on your Surfo '