Saturday, 28 December 2013

Merry Xmas


and a Happy New Year from the SCUMM Crew..


With work commitments and a general lack of swell that happens at this time of year, we always have some alternatives to keep us in the water , with myself receiving a new Go Pro Black 3+ Camera…Thanks Santa!


I gave it a trial run on Boxing Day , and with not a lot of wave action, I decided to test it out whilst having a snorkel at my local reef.
Under the Sea
This is shot with the new Super View setting, so its ultra wide and shooting at 1080 25fps…I am stoked with the quality of the vision, and big jump up from the Go Pro 2 ! Considering I started with the Go Pro 1 back in 2010, I have seen some dramatic improvements in these cameras over the last 3 years, so bring on 2014 .

Under the Sea from adam williams on Vimeo.

The photo quality has jumped again with the new Black 3+

GoPro2  below



GoPro Black 3+  below



Werri Beach Report from Johnny Tofu


December 27

After smashing up my car and another blokes car that smashed into the car in front of him yesterday arvo' I was looking forward to a dawn surf at the point. Luckily my besty, Terry Towelling offered to pick me up for obvious reasons. We got there to see a crowd on the point and also on the beach. Tourist time. We jumped off the point right into a totally great vibe, with everyone,even those we didn't know and proceeded to mat-attack the biggest waves we've had on mats so far. Then as the tide dropped we rode the beach. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Then just to top it off after a good breaky, I rang N.R.M.A. to see how much the access's would be for me to pay the other drivers for the crash and was told, 'you know we v'e been taking insurance fees out of your bank account, and your fully insured. And some people think there is no God. HA !

Terry Towelling and Johnny Tofu display of their Werri  Beach quiver and happy happy joy joy entertainment devices


There was a  Rob Rennie sighting at the NE carpark at Byron Bay recently and with him was some unknown guy named George Greenough


George with one of Robbie’s kneeboards.


SCUMM Report from da Bolt….



Hi Guys

well seeing how it was flat I went to Sussex  for a dive.

met up with a crazy young girl called Kridtal who asked if she could join me on a dive...
We got into the water and shot a couple of leatheries which she took home to eat.
great viz and it was a shame so few fish around.


6 others spearing and No fish.
saw some big blue gropers and a Steve Irwin.


my little Fuji camera worked well so I will be trying to get some more shots.

i must take the new one out and attach it to my gun for some action this space.


hope to score some waves next week in amongst all the tourists...aaaahhh.

catchya scumm buddies....da bolt


Meanwhile Phil Harper was having a bit more luck for waves during the peak holiday season…

this was shot with the GoPro3 Black ….720 @ 25 fps

Congratulations Phil on your new Grandson Logan!


Nice one Poppy!


Hope all our SCUMM brothers and sisters stay safe over the Holiday period and see youse all next year 2014

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