Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014


SCUMM RISE January 1st 2014


I was driving down the highway before the sun came up, and after deciding a early surf was worth more than a sore head, I was pleased to see only one other car parked and 3 guys standing on the lookout.


Well these guys were still celebrating , pissed as fart’s , and so after shaking their hands and wishing them all the best for the New Year , I was soon back at my van, changed and down on the beach by 5.30 am. The surf was only a couple of feet and fairly full , but with nobody else in the water , I made the most of it and decided to mix the surf craft between my trusty air mattress , kneeboard and handplane and gave my new Gopro 3+ a test with the low light , and with different camera angles




happy new year 2014 from adam williams on Vimeo.

I saw the Sun rise from the water , the black swans fly over head to the lake, and heard those noisy cicadas start to rattle and croak from the hilltop and it was another hour before a young kid came running down the beach to end my solo session….nice way to start the year!

Happy 2014


PS. and when I got home , I was greeted by
my trusty guard dogs below,  Louie , Bella and Chewie.



  1. Love the dogs mate. Got two of a similar species to that direct the course of my day. Happy New Year! Hopefully you will take over as a voice for the tube riding comp now.

    1. Thanks Robin, love my little Cavoodles , Bella we have had for a couple of years and the boys, Louie and Chewie are the new addition to the family...they were Catherine 50th birthday present! We only wanted another 1 dog, but being the last 2 left at the pet store , being brothers and all, we bought both! I think MT is going to pull his finger out and create his own site , I am having too much fun filming and surfing! Thanks again for all your help and advice concerning surf mat riding!

  2. Happy New Year adam! I see your in boardshorts hahahaha what a great way to start the new year
    cool to see the different views with the go pro riding different watercraft

    1. Thanks Tommy...does those board shorts make my arse look big? fun is continuing as always mate, just some new tools to capture the moment. All the best and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to the KNEELO COVE CREW! love the shirt mate!!!