Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Invasion Begins


Our new Design from Southern Californian Artist… Tom Backer.

Tom kindly responded to my request of a NEW design, incorporating his own unique art style! This will be available as a T-Shirt and Car sticker.

Check out Tom’s blog site and more of his artwork below

Opening of Southern California Artists Group Show

I was lucky to get involved and become a member with the Southern California Artists group thanks to Liz Menzies. We have a group show that's on display for two weeks, May 30 - June 14 at the Coastline Community College Art Gallery at 1515 Monrovia ave. in Newport Beach

The opening was a wonderful evening. My family and a few friends showed up for awhile (thanks) to check out the art and eat some food and we met a few of the artists from the group and view a diverse body of work from all the members. I'm stoked to be involved and participating with the group. I had one piece accepted into the show titled Sleepwalker and it seemed like I got positive feedback from those who talked to me about it!

Looking forward to participating with the SCA this year!

Thanks again Tom !!

Mat Wrangle-ling

Wedge Style

A video from Chad Stickney… these guys!

Dune Rats


Local Lads who surf….check out there latest …. Funny Guy

SCUMM in Indo

Well Johnny Tofu has posted some pictures of himself surfing out at Medewi on a surf mat….water looks warm and the waves are FUN.






SCUMM at Home

Well I have been still busy with work after having a couple weeks of in Hawaii, but the boys have still been having fun and hunting down waves in my absence…
Paul has posted a short vid from the carnage

31may14 from Bulkheads Stuff on Vimeo.

and one from Phil Harpers camera…..Da Bolt, Philthy, Oily and Rocks all went surfing whilst I had to work


Where's Waka?

I’m Back…


Solo Slides Sunday

soggy sunday from adam williams on Vimeo.

‘I Kissed a Kneeboard’


I kissed a Kneeboard from adam williams on Vimeo.



  1. I reckon Johnny has spent a bit of time on boogie boards in the past judging from the mat riding style.

    1. I think so too, but each to their own style I suppose!

  2. Awesome band the dune rats thanks for that now im going to have to buy one of thier albums!! and that video from wedge is killer!! all the video is great!
    smokin waka

    1. thought you might the Dune Rats, Tommy. They are a great bunch of guys and very funny ...these guys have a great career in front of them, and are touring heaps....will score some stickers and send them over mate. Thanks again for the artwork Tom, everybody is fairly impressed !!!

  3. Cool adam! If the artwork needs tweeking let me know..theres always room for improvement....let me know what needs work