Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Brand Spanking New


Johnny Tofu returns from Bali


and his new 4GF Standard arrives in the mailbox


Just tried out the 4GF Standard at Red Cliff..........SO GOOD !!!..........but lost a new fin!

 ""Ahhhh! What a great place to come back to. Fantastic holiday was had by all. Olly, Cora and Silka were a fun addition, racking up our drink tab and ruling our pool. All coming to Oz' soon enough. Bali joke of the year is, "What is the difference between a homeless person and a hippster"? The hippster has an iphone. Man am I cold. Me and Splash been snuggling with a blannky."""

Da Bolt Update


Met up with Johnny Tofu at Red Cliff today and apart from his excitement at just returning from a Bali Holiday, where he had some great mat sliding waves, he also had just picked up his new 4GF standard.


Straight out of the box and into the water, the way it should be. Lucky for him I had already been surfing for 3 hours so I was able to capture his first few waves. He really liked it and said it will be his favourite from now on. I took Henry’s XL out and it got me into one of the best waves I have had at this spot...



Eric Da Bolt


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