Friday, 30 May 2014

Postcard from Western Australia


All written words and pictures by Eric da Bolt , who enjoyed a trip over West while myself and my wife had 2 weeks in the Hawaiian Islands….wonder who had the most fun?


MAT Sliding da Wild West - May 2014

Hi Waka

Back from another “down south WA” adventure.


After a 2 hour delayed and boring “Virgin” flight to Perth, Pedro picked me up and we went to get Greg's ute before I headed to his on site van at Busselton, my home for next 2 weeks (unreal spot).



I took my old blue knee board but did not get it wet, as the 4GF mat’s I took were fine.
WA sure is crowded now and even an ordinary day at Huzzas had the learner girls and Japanese kamikazes frothing. Of course VERY few locals had seen how our new mats can easily handle these waves, WA being a few years behind the rest of us...hahaha.  They thought they could snake and drop in on me, WRONG.... NO, the rumour that I grabbed their leggies and flipped their rails is all lies...”honest”.




The wind turned HARD onshore and the swell went HUGE so the only spots to surf were in the Geographe Bay area. So for the next week I surfed spots I had not been to in over 20 years which was great. Even surfed spots on my own over shallow boulders that I never had before on a board.





The older locals had a good chuckle & attitude towards me on and were quite interested in how far mats had progressed in 35 years. The young “Kelly Slater” wannabe’s etc just looked the other way, no different to some of the closed mind skeg heads over here.
The main topic of conversation over there is sharks, big ones. I even had the fisheries boat keeping an eye on me while I surfed Rocky Point on my own in the rain. It is a known shark area, but mate if ya time is up so be it.




Finally the wind abated and I was able to have a go at our favourite spot “lefthanders”. While standing on the shore blowing up the 4GF XL mat, a local looked at me and said ...You have got to be joking....Nah I said piece of cake...This I gotta see he say’ after catching an Ok one in front of him he just shook his head and laughed. Hey isn’t that what its all about..having fun.

Catchya Eric






So off to Denmark the real Sth Coast of W.A..
After driving for nearly 4 hours ( just around the corner in WA)
thru Karri forests I arrived at Mandalay beach a very rugged, isolated spot.
Note ; some of the beaches in this area should NOT be surfed onya own as they are sharkie and
treacherous. Other spots like Parry’s Beach are perfect for surfing, diving and fishing.


Met up with Ramsnake, Mic, Bear, JayCee  & Rowie at the Denmark Hotel and after a late night (8pm) we were off to the sack for some snooze. Up bright and early at 9 am for our first surf in clean left hand  2 footers at Ocean Beach. SO much fun and after terrorising the local hard boarders agreed our first bi-annual mat meet a great success.




The Saturday night barbie at Bears place was a hoot even though there was a total lack of any Thai Green Curry. We then agreed before it got to late 9pm that we should surf Parry’s beach next day. Rowie and I hit it at 8.30 am and had some fun 2-3 foot long running peaks.
Ramy and Mic arrived and shared a few waves and laughs until the heavens opened up and sent me on a very soggy drive back to Busselton.
If you like beach breaks and isolation this is the place...aaahhh the serenity. 

Da Bolt

Ramsnake showing some Sandgroper Love!






Thanks again for Robin for recording the carnage!!!!

Surfmat Meet May 2014

Breaking News….

No More Series 4
Completely SOLD OUT


While I was away I received a email from Mark Thomson ( pictured below)saying that he has AGAIN sold out of Series IV Krypt Surf Mats!
Stay tuned for further updates when they become available again for sale!!!!!


Not only do I make good mats but I,m sharp behind the lenses

dan 2004 hi from Free Rad on Vimeo.

Check out Dan’s new website

Redcliffe Boogie………the movie.

by fellow SCUMM Stalwart Phil Harper who is pictured below with his lovely wife Marie , celebrating 35 years of Marriage…. congratulations from us at SCUMM!


Update from Johnny Tofu…

John is currently on the Island of Bali…


Chiffic surf at the Goo this morning on a 9.4 single fin. Last night we sore awsome band. Got to bed at 4, up at 6 for first surf. Relaxed for a while because it was New Moon Cerimony then took out 4GF. A guy took photos of me. Might get some. Last night was fun with the lads and the wild Yoga ladies. End of the night Mick turned to me and said, ' shaver barb guffy....5 rupy...tell im is deemen shittlegaff rubba dubbett fffffff bbttff. I said O.K. Danced with groovy African ladies. Man, they can move. Thinkin' bought a mussy ommy, ran out of bourbon. x I miss you Splash.

Video from Northern SCUMM

By Brian Rocks Manahan

at the local from Brian Manahan on Vimeo.

ERIC DA BOLT has finally got a facebook page, so any abuse etc , you can now contact him direct on his own page…Eric Bridges
Hi scumm
Today Saturday 31.5.14 at scumm cove with da boys. another mat sliding day...da bolt



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