Sunday, 6 October 2013

WAKA Free Day


Star Date 5 / 10 / 13

Words and Pictures by Eric ‘da Bolt’ Bridges


With the the wakanator off to the “prone” exhibition in Currumbin...(yep I did not get an invite to join him and Mrs Waka )  very unsporting i felt hahaha
So with a decent swell running great sunny weather and a long weekend plus school holidays the surf was always gunna be me and oily set of early and hit Nth End Bendy at 6.30 am..a few out already but with some decent sized sets and a “HORROR” of a southerly rip we went for the boards and scored a couple of OK ones.
QUESTION = How do ya know when you are “starting” to get OLD ??? = when trying to endlessly paddle against a rip and position ya self on shifting beach breaks tuckers you out in an hour...we agreed we are So over beach breaks in these conditions.
Off to mat reef and we obviously expected a crowd out...NOW surprise surprise when we saw our spot with one person out and great mat conditions...after a moment of disbelief we were in like flynn...the one other dude left us on our own for over an hour until the holiday hoard spied us, then within 10 minutes 15 guys were into it...we can only presume that the wind had been funky early on and we struck it just as it went offshore...what a great score.
Then after a fabulous meal with some “UNREAL (male) VIEWS”...we  left the tourists to their own...yeehaa...what I can I say but SCUMM luck strikes again......

da bolt


Some GoPro moments from SCUMM stalwart Paul Newman




  1. Mateee, what can i say..he made me do it...haha was good morning scored well we did..thanks for posting...


  2. looks like you guys had fun while the king was away!
    great shots too!