Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Road Trip

Its always fun to surf your local, nice and close, faces that you know , just like at home...but a occasionally Road trip can be called for and last Saturday was one of those times.

                                       Heading South 

Well after the usual pick up at my place , we headed down the coast as the predicted east swell and south winds would provide the right conditions for a nice right hand point break , we got a bit of a shock to see 4 other surfers in the water as we bumped down the rocky track to the carpark. After watching for about a minute and seeing these guys were riding prone and getting shacked, I was down there in a flash with Paul not far behind me, with both Neal and Phil opting to sit this one out. I was soon in the water and notice that they were all riding esky lids and as soon as they saw my mat he asked ' you must be SCUMM'  ! Yep I nodded and his reply was ' I knew Eric Bridges' ! It nearly brought a tear to my eye and a great way to start the morning , sharing a few stories , laughs and waves, whilst Neal and Phil watched from the rocks.

prone point from adam williams on Vimeo.


                                                                       Life's a Peach

its a peach from adam williams on Vimeo.


Well never lay down in the grass while watching your mates surf, especially down here in tick country, they live on all the local marsupials & co and just love a piece of human flesh to suck on, so it was up to Doctor Paul Newman to perform tick removal surgery as viewed below . 

tick removal from adam williams on Vimeo.

I spoke to Neal Sunday morning, his eye had closed up completely and after some encouragement from myself, he called into the local hospitable to get some correct medical advice and medication, and by Monday the swelling had gone and he was back to as normal as he could be.

A few textures and cuttlefish from down at the beach at Meroo

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