Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Jeff Burgess


Okay whats a Knee-Brah? 

Well glad you asked....according to the Wakapeadia "a knee--brah is a knee riding brother ", not to be confused by a similar species known as the knee-bah or kneemo. 
Knee Brahs quietly go surfing with their equipment and are not as opinionated  on social media sites as their Kneemo cousins. They can be found surfing , dotted along the Australian coastline, but mainly found in huge infestations down here on the NSW South Coast , and never or rarely found at a contest site.

Knee-Bah or Kneemo

Knee-Bah's and Kneemo's  tend to congregate on social media sites and are found surfing the net more than the ocean, they will are argue on subjects ranging from what flippers , knee pads or type of board you should ride, which is basically the same as one another, hence the term 'bah ' deriving from the word 'sheep ' as they all basically follow one another and can found at most kneeboard contest, all sitting around talking about the old days and 'ooing and ahhing ' as the Knights ( thats another breed & explanation in their own right )  compete and grace their presence at the final of the contest ,with the bahs all cheering and clapping in unison , very similar to the way a seal colony operates and its pecking order!

Knights Simon, Chayne & Albert

Knee Brahs 

Paul Glesson, Jeff and myself 

Getting back to Jeff
I was up north recently taking some pictures of the local body surfing group and Jeff appeared out of the carpark with his new board under his arm, so after a quick chat, he was out in the lineup and scored this one great wave that barreled and did not close out, so he was soon in with a huge grin on his face. 

I shot the whole sequence and he was filming with his gopro via a mouth piece , so I was able to put together a little video combing both mediums and conduct a small interview !
enjoy below

JEFF BURGESS GODFREY SURFBOARDS from adam williams on Vimeo.

                                      Jeff and his mouth piece mounted camera

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