Thursday, 18 August 2016

Fourth Gear Flyers

Eric Matman and Myself,  'Post Surf Wash Off '

4GF Surf Mats....Tracker RT,  Omni , Standard & Vespa RT

A Clothesline Full of Fun

Once open a winters morning, with Justin and Neal

Well winter has arrived and with that the early morning summer crowds have gone , leaving those 
who get up early with the sun and the cold, to share some really good , down the line , offshore and powerful, winter swell lines .

Fourth Gear Flyers, the Prequel

Friday Morning
How we Roll on the South Coast....Justin on his Standard, Neal Tracker RT and myself , Omni

After meeting Justin in the car park at 6am, and getting changed in the darkness, the sun was barely peeking its head above the horizon when we paddled out and could only see large , long left hand lines peeling perfectly , groomed by a brisk offshore west wind. I turned to Justin and smile , not a soul out bar us, pumping solid 4-5 feet  and just us two paddling out on surf mats. Our first 4 waves were in the dark before Neal finally joined us , and this is where the video below begins. We shared some absolute bombs, and with myself taking off way deep , I finally paid the price of a late takeoff, with my mat ripped cleaned from my hands , so 40 minutes later, a huge swim and walk over the rocks to the Island to retrieve my Omni , which as you can see blends in with all the boulders , and nearly thought it was lost , but at the last minute the sun beam some light on the blue bottom and I was soon back in the water, joining Neal and Justin in the fun.

Fourth Gear Flyers, the prequel from adam williams on Vimeo.

The Day Before


The swell was on the rise but wind had been screaming crossshore for days, so when I woke up Thursday morning and heard the wind had backed off ,it was a quick drive down to Gilligans where I was soon joined by Neal . We often take turns sharing the helmet and filming duties, between crossovers and laughs, so always a added bonus to the final edit.

Thunderbirds are Go

thunderbirds are GO from adam williams on Vimeo.


Fourth Gear Flyers

Well this picks up from myself retrieving my mat from the Island and joining the boys again, as you can see the waves had cleaned up extremely by the time I finally paddled back out, so much smoother but still plenty of power and zoom to have us sharing waves together. 

fourth gear flyers from adam williams on Vimeo.

Back Mount Go Pro Rig

As you could have seen Neal was riding with a camera pole attached to his back, with my old Go Pro 2 camera used for the recording. I always wear a helmet with a side mount, giving me line of sight vision and also keeping my hands free to steer my mat and also to clean and wipe the camera port each time before depressing the button, so this is the new and improved model from Neal, we broke the old one after a nasty T-Bone collision while attempting a serious fast crossover, so below is what was recorded from the back of Neal Cameron. 

neal cameron back mount test from adam williams on Vimeo.


Different location

 Big Left Hander Bombora

Monumental Solo Fun

Got up late and paid the price with the onshore getting blowy by mid morning, so only had a hour before the wind nuked the line up and right on cue, Neal just arrived from walking up the beach, just as the wind turned onshore.

monument from adam williams on Vimeo.

Nothing better than a post surf coffee with the local crew


This time I made sure we were there early , the swell had backed off slightly but there was still a few bombs to be had. This was the first time Neal has surfed here and he was surprised at the power of this break and the distance out to sea where it breaks, so if you loose your mat, like I did , its a big swim back in against shifting currents, luckily for me my Omni caught a wave in by its self , remote control riding i say, as apparently it rode very stylish along the wave face all the way to the sand.

dolphin delight from adam williams on Vimeo.


Riding Tadem

Small but extremely FUN
You do not need large waves to get your surf mat running at warp speed ! 

TANDEM from adam williams on Vimeo.

Houston , We have a problem

 'The old Tracker is in damage control with major air leaks and now this lump has appeared like a cancerous growth on the underside of one of the pontoons.'

A Day in the Life of Mat Man

After ringing around the local surf mat grapevine, I was able to secure Neal another surf mat at a great price and would you believe it was another Tracker RT? ridden only twice, we had to drive up to Gerringong for the pick up and exchange of dollars, and so while up there we had a little mat slide at Eric's favorite reef 007 ,


a day in the life from adam williams on Vimeo.

Only in Oz

The Effects of way too much Coffee

FUN from adam williams on Vimeo.

Aloha from Oz

Feel like I am back on the Island of  Kauai  

Nathan's New Fatty

I pulled into the car park not expecting much, walked up to the lookout and spotted....a mat rider!
Fancy seeing you here Nathan and mid week as well.

Congrats to you and Naomi on the birth of your new daughter Carly Rebecca Hughes

Nathan is not a bad spoon rider as well and but since moving down from the Gong and a new job, he found the mat would suit him better for the surf that is close by, so he ordered 2 mats from 4GF , a Fatty as well as a Standard.

The Red Baron is mine, full polyester tri-axle construction , while Nathans is a full carbon fiber construction, both spoons made by Neal Cameron.

Nathan on Rail

First Surf on a Fatty

I am riding my Omni with Nathan surfing his brand new Fatty for the first time.

The Fatty Surf Mat from adam williams on Vimeo.

Brand New Tracker RT

Give us a call when you want it small.

First time on his new Tracker RT

I had been surfing a beach close by on my side cut fish and scored some beaut waves, Nal had some business to do first up, so after my surf and a feed, I rang Neal to see if he was heading out to the Island for a surf on his new mat, I hung around for a hour, shooting some pics from the lookout and some video with my IPhone

Fun Times on a Beautiful South Coast Day

funtimes from adam williams on Vimeo.

The entrance to Lake Conjola, Neal lives over the other side and most times just walks over and jumps in the Lake and floats out to the entrance.

Another morning in Paradise
Beautiful Clean water, it was like swimming in a fish bowl!

Small but still had enough power to push the mats along and besides I had Neals new mat in my hands and I wanted to surf it before handing it over, so in the video below I am riding the new Tracker while Neal is giving his old Tracker one last run

tracker rt from adam williams on Vimeo.

Stay Tuned

Coming Soon

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