Friday, 15 July 2016

Gone Fishing

Side Cut Fish Kneeboard

from Mick Mackie Designs 

I first started knee boarding back in the late 70's.
Riding surf mats for the best part of my teenage years, then onto a Belly Bogger for 12 months , before saving enough money to buy a second hand kneeboard . My older cousin and his friends were all riding single fin kneeboards & spoons and would take me surfing with them , so by 1979 , I had out grown the surf mat &  belly bogger, and wanted a kneeboard like my older peers...which happen to be a twin fin ' Spot ' kneeboard . I next had a twin fin from Carabine Surfboards ( pictured below with eldest son Cameron sitting proudly, he just turned 35 the other day) and 12 months later a Skipp twinnie , shaped by Ed Sinnot, which then lead me down the path of Tri Fin's , Quad's & Competition Surfing 

Some Albert Whiteman Love

Mick used to shaped out of the Friar Tuck factory down here at Kings Point, along side the late, great Albert Whiteman ; back in the early 90's, so he was stoked to use a template from one of my AW boards .


I wanted more drive over performance! 

At 54 years old, I am no shredder, I like surfing the wave , doing ( well trying) nice flowing cutbacks and top turns. I find that having broader based fin's give's me the drive that I want over performing tighter turns that the modern day fin set up's can give you. One lesson I learn't from surfing my Bonza one morning was what a difference a fin can make to your surfing, I started off with that green 'Crozier ' fin and after riding a couple of waves and the noticeable lack of drive from the board, I returned to the beach and swapped it back to the larger based fin , and what a difference it made 

Broad Based Fin

Broad Based Timber Keels

gone fishing from adam williams on Vimeo.

Mick Mackie 

Custom order for another friend of mine

Bonzilla & Fish Fingers 

fish from adam williams on Vimeo.

Life's a Beach

A morning at Wreck Bay

Marcus Hague

Froth Master

Driving bottom turns using the complete length of the rail

Pipe Master

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