Friday, 25 March 2016

When Life Deals you Coconuts

I have been working some long hours and days that seem to merge into weeks without a break, so when I got the chance to finish early one Sunday, I decide to visit my ' happy place ' for a swim and snorkel as the prediction was for a very small East swell. At the last minute I threw in my double hand plane and Softech Rocket , as you just never know if there might be a little wave to be had and as luck should have it, there was a few little runners and the best thing was, I had it all to myself.

Hands Down
My little double hand plane I made from the off cut of a sheet of paulownia , perfect for these small little conditions

Softech Rocket 54

One of the most funnest boards I have had in a long time. Its only 54"in length, but paddles like a big board, catches waves with ease, gives you a combination of flex and slide into your surfing!

Watch the short video below , I just love the clear water and reef, it was such a joy to just chill out and enjoy the afternoon to myself.

coconuts from adam williams on Vimeo.

Found this little abalone sitting on the rocks, the local koorie kids must have found it and left it sitting sunny side up on the shelf, so I found a little nook in the reef and placed it back in the water, hopefully it wasn't basking in the sun for too long and will survive.

Johnny Tofu's new surf mat

BRETT CURTIS (Sydney) Hand Made Mat. REPORT...
Johnny received his test mat from Brett today and although the surf was small we each had a few slides on it..
The mat takes off easily & turns good with the narrow tail. But needs some juice to get it moving.
Material is a rubberized slick over canvas quite firm but a bit slippery so will need some wax. The non slip "spots" keep you from slipping off..
The valve is a one way twist easy to use....Dabolt

Fun in the Sun 

Surfing Wreck Bay with Neal Cameron

Post Surf Beer
Nothing better than a cold beer to wash the salt from the throat.

Its been close to 40 years since Neal has visited Wreck Bay, all the surrounding development certainly blew him away and gave him a better appreciation of living a tad further south of the ever increasing housing and developments.

I had a bit fun running block with crowd and going right, allowing Neal to drop in and with enough room for me to ride up behind him.

Inside looking out

Surfing Softech

With a rather small crowd to contend with , Neal riding his mat and myself surfing my little red rocket, we both made the most on offer, with having a quick break between surfs and shooting some pics and video of the increasing swell and offshore wind, before I decided to go out one last time while there was only a handful of people out.

shellys softech from adam williams on Vimeo.

Tube Riding with Marcus Hague

Marcus has a great style and surfing suits his Friar Tuck quad fin set ups. Surfing more from the center of the board, he certainly knows how to get tubed , so when I was sitting on the beach between sessions, I was lucky enough to have camera in hand to record some of his barrels and surfing.

FUN IN THE SUN WRECKY from adam williams on Vimeo.

After leaving the water he came straight up to me with a big grin on his face and remarked
'Now that's a proper pipe session ''

Watch the video above to enjoy the ride!

The Next Day

A surf mat adventure with Neal and Eric da Bolt

words and pics by Eric Bridges

WHAT do you call 8 Goat Boats on one break ? = CHAOS
So it was at Gilligans today, with a crew of 25 out at 7.30 am. But we scumm still prevailed getting our share of Ok slides before it all go to much. With a nice Brekky & Chat it was off to mat reef for some sanity..Yeehaa.

Post surf re-fuel
Egg and Bacon rolls and coffee
Table of Knowledge with a new found friends from Columbia , Antonio and Chevron
with myself Grubbo, Rocks and Neal enjoying the company.

Well it was crowded and I have never seen 8 wave skis , all at once in the line up and apart from the rest of the various craft , it was a bit of a circus but there was the odd wave to be had, but nothing like the usual speed runs that is the norm on our inflatable rafts

At least it was a beautiful morning, enjoy the vision from the morning below.

rafting from adam williams on Vimeo.

Life's a Beach

I snucked out to Wrecky the other morning, with the wind still blowing a very light SW, I took the punt there would be some okay waves and was rewarded with a nice little 2 ft sesssion and just one other surfer in the water. I have been walking both my bonzer as well as the softech, but as its has not been breaking from learners and running like a point break, so more power to the Softech and the fun it gives me in my surfing.

FUN IN THE SUN 2 from adam williams on Vimeo.

Empty line up when I arrived.

the crowd increased to more than 4

Two very different tails, Two very different rides

small but fun, as I was leaving

4'6" vs 5'9"
Two totally different rides

Post Surf Lunch

Power to the Paipo

Hands Down

The Champeon Double Hand Plane

I made this little baby from the offcut of a 7' sheet of paulownia. I decided to cut a hand grip into the deck instead of screwing a strap into its place.

The making of Eric's paipos from a 7 'sheet, the offcuts are never wasted and I can make some fun little kick boards.

add some artwork
best to seal the wood with a penetrating sealer first before applying the artwork.

Once finished
A few coats of polyurethane and then a protection seal of gum turpentine and linseed oil.

I added a deck grip to this baby, 5 foot in length, it will help with flotation and maybe kneeride.

This one is just over 4 foot long, a true tube shooter to be rode prone.

THE CHAMPEON from adam williams on Vimeo.

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