Sunday, 17 January 2016

The SCARMATRA Files Part 4

                            Krui Lefts

                                 SMALL WAVE FUN 

After surfing out the front at Ujung Bocor for the best part of the trip, the swell finally jacked up in size, making the wave out the almost un surfable, so it was off to Krui Lefts with 9 guys squeezed into 2 cars. Some fun little waves when we arrived and with my hand being too infected from surfing twice a day, it was camera duties for me. Unfortunately for the lads they were soon joined by other surfers from the nearby camps, as the said they saw us leave with boards on the roof and decided to follow!

The SCARMATRA Files part 5 from adam williams on Vimeo.

Krui Left and empty
not for long

take a ticket and wait your turn?

Craig McRitchie

Justin Spittle was the first out but was soon joined by everyone else.

Look out Justin, here comes Paul on his timber paipo

Jeff Burgess

Craig McRitchie
cutback sequence

Phil Harper
Mat Sliding

Paul Newman riding his timber paipo

Craig Joubert

From Phil Harpers
Go Pro Camera

                                 12 Rough Heads
After close to 2 weeks without shaving we all got a little bit on the furry side as seen below

Pictures by Justin Spittle

Adam Williams

Paul Newman

Craig McRitchie

Craig Joubert

Mark Abel

Greg Byers

Phil Harper

Brian Manahan

Jeff Burgess

Dave Gelder

Paul Gleeson

Justin Spittle

Anita Volcano and her partner relaxing at Krui Lefts

A short video by Phil Harper


                 'Only Kook's wear Booties'

I was sitting out the back one afternoon when I saw these 4 young guys walking directly straight out the front of Dami and across the reef,  normally you would enter the water a bit further up the reef and then paddle back down. Anyways I looked on in disbelief at what they were doing and couldn't believe they made it out the back without getting hit by a set wave and dragged across the reef. Two of the guys drifted straight down to the pack on the main peak and two of the surfers went on to hassle me, well try is the word, I just paddled them further up the reef till one gave up and drifted down to his mate, while the bigger fella with the white shirt ( pictured below) still wanted to play games, so after 20 minutes we finally spoke to one another, and he mentioned how they were staying over at Mandiri Beach Club and they came here chasing bigger waves on the reef. He then stated that only kooks would wear booties, and the standard of surfers here was below grade? Now as you know I wear booties all year round, they help keep my flippers on and they are great to walk across the reef with when exiting the water. Anyways we both caught a set each which ran the 100m's down the line and was was clipped just short of the keyhole. This is when Karma stepped in, the guy appears from the foam and yells to me 'can you check my foot'? Yep he has a lovely gash on the underside of his foot and this would have been prevented if he was was booties! I advised him to go in, which he ignored and paddled back out to the lineup, I went in and told our crew, who were all sitting back enjoying a few Bintangs, they just laughed as apparently these younger roosters had left their bikes and gear here at Dami, never spoke or said hello , walked straight past the boys, straight out the front gate and proceeded to stumble and walk tender footed across the reef, as they dont wear reef booties! Well time I had a shower and got back to the front, one of those guys ( blue shirt) was already in and waiting for his mate with the cut foot to come in. He is a paramedic back in Australia and had concerns for his mates injuries, I offered him to use our shower and went got some bandages , meanwhile the boys were giving them a mouthful 'should have worn booties' eh? was their cry. They were all so grateful for my help, and as I mentioned to them next time, show some manners, acknowledge the guys who were paying to stay there, and Karma might not come and bite you on the arse! 


Fresh from the markets to you

Go the Cooks

Chook pictured below with their house dogs, 
Wilson and Kevvie

Standard breaky was a mixed omelet and fruit juice

                           I taught the girls the finer art of making French Toast one morning

Chicken wraps and chips for lunch

The main stay of all surfers 

 Dinner Time 

Out the front catching dinner


                                                                      Double-c @ Krui
                                         Many thanks to Jason for taking us out to dinner
                                                                       Chicken & Rice


                                    Filling up with Diesel  

Jason mentioned to me the local lads were all checking me out, wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt and shorts plus hat, I  stood out like a sore thumb I replied ' this time next week , I will be back to reality, I will be back to work and  wearing high vis clothing and safety boots , so I dont give a shit what people think ! '

Starfish picture by Justin Spittle, the whole reef was alive with these and other creatures!

My Trusty 5'9 " Mackie Bonza

Jeff brought his old mat along for the trip

Kevvie and friend

Afternoon session on the Deck

Craig Joubert and handplane

Ombak Indah Losmen

                                         Injuries Galore

Camp Grommet and actor

Rendy , Eki & Sally starred in and eventually won (out of 122 entries) a national short film competition late last year

Paul and Rendy

                             A Million Reef Cuts

Some more random pictures with many thanks to Craig McRitchie and Phil Harper for contributing their photography !


Paul Gleeson

                                            Going Home

After being up to 2 am in the morning, drinking Bintangs , playing air guitars and singing to Kevvie, it was a quick couple of hours sleep before the 5 hour drive back to Bandar Lumpung Airport

                                                                      Pit Stop

                                                                         Bandar Airport

The fun continues

over the Volcano
Picture by Greg Byers

Depensar Airport, waiting for our final flight home to Sydney

Batman and Robin

The Scarmatra Files from adam williams on Vimeo.

It was a great trip 2 weeks with the best crew of blokes, plenty of waves and variety. Its so hard to cram 2 weeks worth of experiences into a few blog reports , pictures and video.
Hope you enjoyed my Visual Diary and one day go and visit the place yourself , I can highly recommend the Hospitality of Dami and the people of the surrounding villages.

Many Thanks to Jason and Ayu, all the staff and also to my 11 fellow travelers for making this a great holiday!



  1. Terrific post. Great to see plenty of pics of the chaps enjoying themselves and loved the only kooks wear booties story. What a bunch of dopey pricks. Too many of them make a dill of themselves when they are visiting outside of Oz.

    1. Thanks Robin! It was a really fun, enjoyable trip!