Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Perfect Trim

                     Riding Surf Mats

I have been out of the water with a ear infection, so last Saturday morning the wave Gods provided a very nice NE ground swell, which gave me the opportunity to break out my Canon 70D  and film the SCUMM  crew riding mats and other soft top craft. Both Paul and Eric were riding their Krypt surf mats , but it was Paul's riding in these pictures below that you can see the perfect trim

                           What is the Perfect Trim?

There is no 'correct way' when it comes to riding mats and we all have a different Style when it comes to riding, but for me the right amount of air inflation and hand placement is the key , and as you can see below that  after the initial take off  with the mat on edge and banking off the bottom, you can clearly see that no water is being pushed , his hands are just back from the front of his mat with his inside flipper holding the tail from drifting

on the flat now, pushing into the next section and as you can see, the water flow from his mat is all from behind, with the front trimming nicely and his hand placement just to the side

into the next section, with his hands now both flat on the deck forming a slight concave and still no water pushing from the front yet his able to drag his legs and maintain the fall line

finding fourth gear, as the mat accelerates into the next section with his legs slightly holding his line

                                                  The Perfect Trim pictured above
 both legs up, body and hand placement combining to allow the mat the correct water flow and trim needed to enter the next section

Slide on SCUMM

Paul and I riding Krypt Surf Mats last winter
Big Clean Walls make for some mat sliding fun

Monumental from adam williams on Vimeo.

 Paul pictured below , again look at the water flow , no wrangling or wrestling required!

From the SURFMATTERS site

 as I mentioned everyone has a different style and take on riding mats, there is no true correct way as no ones mat is better than the others, There all good!

4GF surf mats :: Aaron Foster :: January 8, 2016 from Dirk Brandts on Vimeo.

The Stein Aquatic from Cosmic Planes on Vimeo.

The Perfect Trim
Justin Spittle
Canon Balling
Krui Lefts Sumatra

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  1. Great to see Adam great examples of trimming . I still find it difficult to trim without pushing water! I still need to put in more time on them ⚡️Scumm rules