Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Next Generation


Check out the video below that Grand Poppy Mark put together of his 5     years old grandson Jake.


  1. Nice video, the kid's a natural!

  2. Time to retire, move, and mat alongside Jake.Bagjuan

  3. Krypt mats shite.can,t even glide little chap thru sections.shame on Mark for ripping off Dale,s designs,fobbing em off on Taiwanese child labor,and buggering em up.Get a 4gf,at least you are supporting an artisan and not a golddigger...

    1. That's a shame that you feel like that Mike ! but I understand that its sour ,bitter old fella's like yourself that cannot see the joy and stoked on this young fellas face and the pride inside his grandfathers heart...I also own a 4GF Omni which I ride as well as paipo's, spoon's, bellyboggers and hand planes....its all about enjoying the ride and less focus on who makes them
      Happy Sliding!

  4. awesome!! great to see the grand dad introducing his grandson into the surf!! the video put a smile on my face.. the kid rides those waves well.