Saturday, 18 February 2017

Road Trip

Heading Down the Coast

Its been awhile since we all threw our mats in the back of the car and took off in search of waves. This summer the waves have not exactly been pumping, no cyclone swell's heading down from Queensland, just weak wind swells from the south, just big enough to pulse for the odd day then nothing the next. Anyways with another north swell pushing down the coast and south winds forcasted for Saturday, I made the call for a early morning road trip down past our normal haunts, with Paul picking me up at 5.30 am sharp, with Neal the next stop 15 minutes later and meeting up with Phil not long after. The previous Friday was my RDO and there was bugger all swell pushing into my local breaks so when I jumped into the car with Paul, I actually thought to myself we were going to get skunked again, so 45 minutes later I got the shock of my life to see waves peeling nicely around the point in the near darkness, with 6 odd surfers already in the lineup....SCORE....there was waves to be ridden and it was time to bust out our mats and flippers and join in the fun.

Vision from my Go Pro Black 4

Riding Rafts from adam williams on Vimeo.

 from Phil's Go Pro 3

and from Paul's camera below

and some frame grabs from Paul's camera

A Mick Mackie

Mini Simmons

I was telling the boys about the last time I surfed here and how I got talking to this guy who was just styling on his Mini Simmons surfboard, and so as I was getting changed this car pulls up next to us and low and behold , out pops the same dude with board under his arm. Turns out he had met and surfed with Neal a few years back up at Lennox , so this gave me a chance to check out his board again while they were conversing about days past.

Bawley Cafe

After such a fun surf it was back to the local cafe for caffeine and food , and the laughs just dont end there when we are all together eating. I had ordered a egg n bacon roll with hot chilli sauce and was warned how hot the sauce actually was, so after eating half of it and not really feeling the heat, the owner came out to ask how it was ? not overly hot I replied! so he walks over to the front of the shop where chilli plants are growing, picks one and saids , try this then...which immediately takes full effect in my mouth, burning all the way down to the stomach and much to the laughter of the boys!

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Father Sky

RDO Friday

FATHER SKY from adam williams on Vimeo.

followed by COFFEE

coffetime from adam williams on Vimeo.

The Fun Bag

Thumping Fun Bag from adam williams on Vimeo.

Entering the Inflatable Zone

I finally received  my blue Surfoplane today, so the time was right to bust out a few of  my surf mats.


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