Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Quest

Tomo meets Matman

Eric recently made the trip up to the North Coast with some friends and called in to meet 
Mark Thomson of KRYPT SURFMATS

Mark not only designed and manufactures his MT5 Surfmats.
but also makes  Carbon Fibre Surfboards

 the 10 Commandments of Mat Riding

written down on the two tablets of fun

I am not Worthy

Eric had a great time meeting Mark, checking out his mats and boards, but as it was pouring down rain and not much swell, it was time to press on and continue his quest to meet

George Greenough

so just like clock work, Eric arrives at Watagoes just as GG is exiting the water and was able to steal a few seconds and the above photo !

Mission Completed.

Entering the Inflatable Zone

 Groovy Gilligan's

whilst Eric was visiting Tomo, Justin and myself score some waves early one Tuesday morning .
It was my first surf since we got back from Scarmatra so super keen to tuck into some fun slides back on a friendly reef. The crowd was insane with a predicted SE groundswell and offshore NE winds, there was guys pouring into the carpark from first light, so luckily we made the most of it early and was back out of the water by 8.30.

We did catch up with Neal Cameron 

for some brunch

he had his favorite board 
in the car, just love that concave and reverse curve in the tail section.

Entering the Inflatable Zone from adam williams on Vimeo.

                            Old News

                                        HAND PLANES AND SURF MATS

There I was enjoying a few little waves to myself, when out the corner of my eye ,
Eric appeared on the beach with his surf mat. The best set of the day appeared on the horizon and as I was entering the vortex my old mate Eric decides to drop in!.....Hand Planes vs Surf Mats
                                                     Mats win Hands down

Old News from adam williams on Vimeo.

                        Retro Riders

                                      sharing a few waves with my son Curtis

Retro Riders from adam williams on Vimeo.

              SINGLE FIN SUNDAY

The more I ride this board, the more I love it. It has a beautiful twist in the blank that does not seem to affect how the board rides, with a fin that I had to glass in as the box has been damaged by the previous owner. This board was being thrown out but luckily a mate grabbed it for me and I have made it water tight and fit to surf again!

Single Fin Sunday from adam williams on Vimeo.


                                                 with the SCUMM CREW

Wompster's from adam williams on Vimeo.

                EXTREME MAT RIDING

                                 FROM PAUL NEWMAN

XMR from Bulkheads Stuff on Vimeo.

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