Thursday, 30 July 2015

Unidentified Flying Objects


UFO Knee Machines by Neal Cameron.

Designs inspired by Pete Berry


Neal (pictured above and riding below)



and now my newest addition to the Family


First Test Run


Well I was initially going to Wreck Bay but with the swell forecast predicted to drop dramatically the next day I decided to head out to Green Island to make the most of the 5 foot of swell and a lesser crowd to contend with.


The Paddle Out

I did ride this board a few years back and had forgotten that its not as easy to lay on , for paddling or kicking compared to a ‘ normal ‘ or ‘ conventional ‘ kneeboard. It took me a while and its a fair distance from the beach to the break, so the normal 10 minute paddle out was slightly extended and by he time I arrived out the back and into the line up, it was all good….till you lay to far back and into that lumpy cow horn thing on the tail….ouch!


Catching and Riding Waves

I found it great to paddle  and take off, plenty of foam and buoyancy and with my duck feet in full thrust , this baby gets a run up nicely and much easer than say kicking a edge spoon with minimal  floatation into a wave. The handles are a treat , handy to grab when taking off as well as helping with directional change when surfing.


Well I wobbled and skidded along a few , it took me a few waves to find my knees and by the time I found the sweet spot for my knee placement , cramps in my legs from kicking and running out of steam drove me back to shore , but still fairly happy with its first venture out.


I filmed with both my helmet mount and wrist cam, so its interesting to see knee placement and how the rest of the board and outside foils works with water flow.


Like riding a Hydrofoil , the reverse curse on the bottom lifts the tail and helps with forward propulsion.



Some video below

UFO from adam williams on Vimeo.
2nd surf on one of Neal Cameron's knee machines. I have ridden this board once a few years back , so this is still a learning curve in paddling and riding, but happy enough to get it up and running down the line without too many wobbles.

Pete Berry

Mountain Dew Designs




some video courtesy via Neal Cameron of  Pete Berry  surfing these boards back in the 70’s

Skim Boards

by Neal Cameron







One of Neal's recent projects....Customizing some Holden Utes- Four & Twenty Pies


  1. really cool to see peter barry riding those boards in the first footage ..the speed going out into the flats and cutting back was awesome. the second film footage the waves appear really backwashy ,bouncy and difficult to ride one of those boards! Seems like back then was ripe for new ideas...Great to see people coming up with a concept, implementing, designing, constructing and riding. great to see neal and you continue the tradition and record it with the go pro!

    1. Thanks Tommy, Pete was light years ahead back in 70's , he was our GG with his thinking and hull designs , so good hat Neal has the talent to continue making these boards, functional or not, their great to ride on larger point o down the line waves, and just like my bonzer, they hit the speed dial to overdrive.