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‘’This would be one of the best ‘kneeboard surfing’ videos that I have seen in awhile, great surfing and edit, well done Enzo’’

Paul Herriott : Kneeboarder

from enzo gonzo
Paul Herriott has been living and surfing on the Gold Coast since the 1970's and is a respected member of the southern Gold Coast's surfing fraternity - stand ups and kneelophiles alike.
Paul had competed successfully in the earlier professional kneeboard circuit back in the 1970's and had made a small comeback in the mid 2000's making it in two World Championship age finals.
He is well known amongst the new generation of Kneelophiles as a charger in small and big waves. At last count Paul's Uluwatu big wave surfing (kneeboarding) exhibition in 2010, has a masted 67,000+ hits on Youtube.
This document is a small collection of footage I had shot over a 22 year period of Paul surfing, Kirra, Snapper and Uluwatu, starting in 1990 . The interview was recorded informally in January 2008.
At 60, Paul still surfs and charges in big waves on the Gold Coast and at Bali's Uluwatu left-handers .
Filmed and Edited
by Enzo and assisted by his old mate Bevan
Music : Tourist Shooting Tar Balls
Performed by : Party People in a Can
Album: For The enemy Who Escapes, Golden Bridges 2012
For the Enemy Who Escapes, Golden Bridges by Party People in a Can is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (aka Music Sharing) 3.0 International License.

Paul Herriott : Kneeboarder from enzo gonzo on Vimeo.

Kneel Boarding Fun

Below is a little video that I put together from the leftovers of a  recent edit. My Self and Eric da Bolt were out surfing one of our favourite waves on mats, and was joined by a local kneeboarder mate of ours named Ric the Kneelo! So while he is not packing shelves at night at the local supermarket, you can normally find him surfing the abundant reefs and beaches , on his trusty kneeboard. I shot this with my little Go Pro camera, on the WVGA setting at 240fps, to achieve a really nice slow mo effect.

EXTINCT from adam williams on Vimeo.

I also like to call Ric the Dolphin Whisperer , as every time I surf with him, there seems to be a pod of Dolphins surfing thru the break, like in the pictures below from a few years back.





Adventures in Paradise

This is the complete edit from the day, and you can see Ric looking from the viewing platform. So much fun on the mats, but the ‘high’ for me was when a very large pod of dolphins, and I am talking about 40 +, came bouncing thru the lineup, and casually swam past us, on their way to Manyana. In my 35 years of surfing I have never seen such a large pod in a surfing break!

Adventures in Paradise from adam williams on Vimeo.

A Beautiful World


Paul and I shared some killer slides last Saturday morning, with just a few local footboarders, solid swell and offshore winds, it was a great session with the only bummer in Paul losing his Go Pro camera off his helmet, and my failure to fully charge my batteries for my own camera, other wise one of the best mat sessions we have had so far.

beautiful world from adam williams on Vimeo.



  1. Great stuff waka! too bad about pauls go pro :(
    Herriotts video is awesome too!

    1. Thanks Tommy, Paul has a new camera on order at the moment with 2 orange floaties and 2 tethers , so not to lose this one. Herriot Rips!