Thursday, 17 April 2014

Wet n Wild


A couple of days in the Bay, small waves generated by a massive low off the NSW coastline , and as always it was pissing down with rain, it’s a weekend and the start of the school holidays…Yeah ! ..the crowd factor was off the Richter, with surfers scrambling at all the known protected spots in the Jervis Bay area. We initially surfed Moona with just a few guys , but even as the side shore wind picked up , so did the amount of surfers deciding to join us. It was time to cut our loss's , re fuel and look elsewhere for something a bit less crowded.





It was off to La la land on the northern side of the Bay, where we found a nice little protected mat wave, peeling down the side of the reef and rocky shoreline. Best thing was it was uncrowded , so Bolt , Rocks and myself were soon out there giggling and hooting like little kids, sharing these little gems for over a hour with just us, then 2 other foot boarders thought we were having to much fun and decided to join us ! One guy looked like he hadn’t surfed in 20 years and had a old faded wetsuit and a board to match, then proceeded to padded out past us and sit way out the back , while his mate sat on the inside trying to catch the ‘small ones’ that were breaking basically on the rocks…sort of felt sorry for the poor prick that sat out the back, he couldn’t catch a wave to save his life , even thought of offering a lend of my flippers and surf mat so he could catch a wave , but in a generous mood , we decided to get out and let them have it to their selves…well not for long anyways, as we got back to our cars, 6 SUP riders decided to join those 2 poor barstards, as well as 2 other surfers on clubbie boards , and a couple of lid ridders as well…just love school holidays!


Bolt above with Rocks Manahan below


wet n wild from adam williams on Vimeo.


by the next day the swell got a bit more east in it, so my little boat ramp wave came to light, but as I mentioned before, it’s was school holidays so I decided to watch and record the fun whilst the kiddies were out there playing….the sun even came out out for a short period !

Bay Two Steps from adam williams on Vimeo.

Two Steps and Beyond









and the swell has been non stop for the past week


as Eric da Bolt would say


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